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Roller Mill Machine - DAVM

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It is used to grind and crush the grain in the cereal processing plants.
It is designed to obtain flour and semolina in the flour and semolina mills by processing cleaned grain.


* At food industry
- Flour & semolina mills,
- Corn, barley, rye and similar cereal processing plants,
* At other food industries for rolling, crushing and other similar processes.


The parallel working rolls are automatically opened and closed by pneumatic system, which is actuated by an electronic control unit. The clean grain enters the roller mill through a glass spout and the grinding process starts. Capacitive level indicators adjust the amount of grain, which enters the roller mill from its inlet, which controls the feeding rolls. The grain, which flows regularly through the rolls, undergoes processing.
The adjusting system, which provides a very precise approach of the rolls to each other, can be easily integrated to the automation system.
The air, which is sucked by means of a pneumatic system via specially created air channels, provides regular flow of grain between the rolls. The efficiency of the roller mill is increased due to such feature.
The grinded product is discharged into a hopper, which is placed underneath the roller mill and then conveyed by means of a pneumatic system.

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