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Quadro Plansifter - DPAK

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The square sifter offers many advantages for sifting processes at high capacities. It provides large sifting area in very limited space. The maximum sifting area can be obtained by using different types of boxes. It is used to sift the broken and floury products and classify different kinds of grains.


* At Food Industry
- Wheat, rye, oats, barley and corn processing plants
- Coffee and similar products processing plants
- And other food products processing plants


This machine consists of three main parts. Two sieve boxes and a central framework containing the drive unit. These parts are assembled by means of screws and transversal beams.
It is possible to separate the machine into three main parts for an easy make handling, shipping and hoisting to the installation floor.
* 2 pieces symmetrically designed sieve boxes
* 1 piece drive housing
* 2 pieces carrier arms
* 1 set of suspension group including suspension rods
The inner framework comprises all the parts dealing with the machine motion, in particular, the electrical motor, shaft and the counterweight mass. The whole shaft - counterweight unit is bedded by double ball bearings. The drive unit is easily accessible by removing the large side panels covering the central framework.

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