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Plasma Cutting Machine

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Availability of multi torch applications.
Suitable for Oxy-fuel cutting up to 300 mm
Best combination of Precision and very thick process machine.
High precision plasma cutting technology.
High mechanical accuracy to: ± O.1 mm
Axis positioning speed: 30 m/min
X and Y axis travel on precision linear rail guides
Torch-height travel with ballscrews on dual linear guides.
Fast and accurate positioning with AC brushless servo motors.
Y-axis: dual synchronised servo drives.
X-axis: single servo drive.
Cutting table independently constructed of bridge and machine frame to maintain positional accuracy under any table-load.
Patented crash protection on torch®
Automatic torch height control.
Sectional cutting table with automatic fume extraction system.
Windows® based CNC unit.
Automatic nesting software.

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