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Fiber Marking Systems

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Precise and efficient
Fiber lasers are preferred due to their high efficiency and excellent beam quality. With 1064 nm wavelength, fiber lasers allow working at high power densities thanks to small focal diameters. It provides marking, engraving at reasonable costs for metal and plastic materials.

Fiber lasers generally do not require maintenance and have a long service life.

Another type of fiber laser: MOPA laser
MOPA laser, a special type of fiber laser, has many advantages due to adjustable pulse characteristics. In this regard, MOPA lasers have become one of the most flexible lasers for many applications. It provides user control parameters such as pulse width, repetition frequency and pulse energy on the material. The fact that these parameters can be changed helps to optimize the performance of the material processing.

Laseral's fiber laser technology offers you the best fiber laser for your application, from low power to high power. Our fiber laser systems for sale are designed to help our customers find exactly what they're looking for. In addition, our professional customer service specialists in laser technology and our sales staff can answer your questions about the laser machines and systems you need, and can help you choose the best equipment for your production and other special needs. Contact us now to learn more.

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