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Dishing Press 150 Ton

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BMB-P 150 Code

AKYAPAK exposes its experience in all metalworking and forming areas. AKYAPAK, being conducting research for higher quality solutions to dishing and flanging industry, is also really assertive with its dishing and flanging machines in this sector.

It is designed to produce pressure vessel, navy, nuclear, food, power generation, petrochemical, shipyard industries.

BMB-P dishing presses are one of the most demanding models in the large range of AKYAPAK.

It is a hydraulic press consists of manipulator (option) and HEAVY DUTY machine like all the others.BMB-P powers range 150 to 1600 Ton Diameter range 500 to 10.000 mm.

The 250 Tons and bigger capacity presses are developed with pre-stressed tie-rods and lower ones are having side shoulders as the price&performance is main target for all size of tank manufacturers on all over the world.

The correct capacity of model is being choosed based on the material thickness, quality and plate diameter. The BMB-P models dishing press power is calculated for biggest diameter of dies to give best cycle time and productivity to the customer. The main control screen is developed focus on user friend interface to reduce learning time since the operator skill is always important for all manufacturers.

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