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Plate Drilling Machine

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Advanced solution at steel construction sector once again from AKYAPAK… High speed and high processing performance with AFD up to 1000×1500 mm materials.

The state of art AFD Flange Drilling Machine is designed for drilling, marking and tapping plates, reflecting more than 50 years of experinces of AKYAPAK.

All movements are made by CNC system.
Main body is welded steel construction and stress relieved.

AFD CNC Flange Drilling Machine is able to drill 6 to 80 mm thickness within its own working area. Material is driven on the table with balls by fixing it with hydraulic clamping jaws. Material is positioned to the desired coordinates for drilling/marking/tapping by CNC program and then operation starts.

Hardened hydraulic jaws with piston helps to fix material to prevent faults. AFD Flange Drilling Machine is able to drill, tab, mill, mark with scribing and mark with dot.(optional).

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