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Natural Floor Cleaner 700 ml - House Cleaning

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INCIA products are made for you and those closest to you. Do your loved ones a favor and spend a couple of minutes looking into INCIA Natural Floor Cleaner.
INCIA Natural Floor Cleaner is produced with oils extracted from plants using natural methods, made possible by the patented innovations of the BioArge Laboratories. It protects the health of you and your loved ones while effectively cleaning surfaces such as wood, parquetry, laminates, ceramics, and tiles. Its natural formula with borax gives effective results.

This naturally occurring mineral and the other substances it contains provides impressive cleaning for all surfaces, including wood, parquetry, laminate, ceramics, and tiles. (How?)It will not harm the health of you or those closest to you. (How? )It moisturizes while it cleanses.(How?)It is compatible with the flora of your skin. (What does this mean?)It does not contain artificial scents and dyes. It smells pleasant and natural.(How?)