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MST 11 STATIC SERIES 10-50 kVA Voltage Regulator

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Complete Electronical Voltage Regulators Which Contain No Any Moving Piece Inside
Static Voltage Stabilizer 1-50 kVA Single Phase/Single Phase

• 5000 Volt / Second
• RISC Microprocessor Control,
• Excellent Dynamic, Static Regulation,
• Large Input Voltage Working Range, 130-270VAC
• Electronic Protection Against Overload and Short Circuit,
• 220VAC / 380VAC ±2.5% Regulation,
• Load Level, Output ve Input Display
• Excessive Voltage Protection Up-Down Limits
• Static Stabiliser is Used When the Speed of Operation Represents
• a Critical Issue (for Example, Computers, Laboratory Equipment, Measuring
• Benches and Medical Instrumentation).
• The Coltage Stabiliser does not Provide Galvanic Separation Between
• Input and Output.
• The Equipment is Usually Housed in a Metal Enclosure with RAL7035
• Finish and IP21 Protection Degree, Suitably Sized According
• to the Power Rating
• High Effiency

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