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Acrylic/ABS Back-up Type Polyester Resins

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TP1400 Code

TP1400 is thixotropic, accelerated, medium reactive, low viscosity orthophthalic based unsaturated polyester resin for ABS-Acrylic back-up applications. TP1400 is unfilled and white colored. It has a very high filling capacity that can be filled with up to 60% Calcium Carbonate. It has been formulated with a special colour change mechanism for indicating the correct addition of catalyst. TP1400’s thixotropy will prevent draining when used on vertical or inclined surfaces with chopped strand mat. TP1400 gives excellent adhesion to ABS-Acrylic sheet. It is suitable for manufacturing of shower trays, bathtubs and hot tubs as support for ABS-Acrylic back-up sheets. TP1400 is designed for generally spray-up applications, but also TP1400 can be used in handlay-up applications.


TP1400-LSE: It has low styrene content and reduced styrene emisions.

TP1420:It’s filled with 20% Calcium Carbonate.

TP1430:It’s filled with 30% Calcium Carbonate.

TP1440:It’s filled with 40% Calcium Carbonate.


Saniteryware resins are supplied in 230 kg barrels and 1100 kgs IBC containers.

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