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Reactive General Purpose Polyester Resin

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TP200 is non-thixotropic, non-accelerated, medium reactive , medium viscosity, orthophthalic based unsaturated polyester resin for general purpose applications. TP200 has a perfect clear/transparent color. TP200 is offering rapid and efficient wet-out. It is suitable for the manufacture of parts for building and construction, transportation and industrial applications. Fully cured composites that are made with TP200, have excellent mechanical properties, with good rigidity and dimensional stability. It is suitable for use in handlay-up, spray-up, pultrusion and cold press moulding processes.


TP200-Co: It is accelerated.

TP200-LSE: It has low styrene content and reduced styrene emisions.

TP200-TICO: It is a thixotropic and accelerated variation of TP200 for spray-up applications. TP200-TICO has special additives which prevents separation, and increases thixotropic behavior.


General purpose polyester resins are supplied in 18 kg pails, 230 kg barrels and 1100 kg IBC containers.

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