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FocusFlite™ GS (Ground Segment) - One Planning Solution for All Platforms

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FocusFlite™ GS (Ground Segment) is the ground system that helps pilots to rapidly prepare and review mission plans with high accuracy and precision through provided 2D and 3D planning capabilities for different airborne platforms.

General capabilities

Generic mission planning capabilities for different airborne platforms,
Industrial strength in-house GIS, big data handling, decluttering,
Modern ribbon-style menu system, extensible tools and floating docks, customizable user interface elements,
Collaborative planning and advanced layer management,
Administrative capabilities, multi-language support, 50+ datums,
Map tools (distance, bearing, area measurement) and legends,
Map printing,
Vehicle/platform mission data generation and transfer,
Seamless integration with FocusFlite™ AS.
Mission planning capabilities:

Advanced flight planning (auto/manual IFR, VFR, Cargo and CARP/HARP planning, flight patterns, dog houses),
Flight plan analysis, performance calculations and reports,
VCS, HAT, LOS, Threat, NOTAM, Buffer Zones and Obstacle analyzes,
Communication analysis & planning,
2D Map and 3D Virtual Globe display modes,
ARINC 424 and DAFIF support,
Background raster maps (satellite photos, etc.), elevation data up to DTED2,
Map overlays (ACMAP/IAP/ADC charts, POI, etc.),
Vector layers and map overlays (User Defined Waypoints, Buffer Zones, Country Boundaries, Territorial Water Boundaries ACMAP/IAP/ ADC charts, Point of Interests (POI), etc.),
Tactical entities (Obstacles, intelligence photos, threats, red/blue forces, tactical drawings, military symbology),
Meteorological Data (METAR, SPECI, TAF, GRIB),
20+ raster and vector data formats.
Briefing and debriefing capabilities

2D, 3D and NVG view display modes,
North/head up, ground/vehicle fixed map orientation modes,
Real-time analysis depiction,
ADI and status displays,
Simulation controls,
Replaying airborne recorded and maintenance data,
Replaying recorded multi-channel videos in synch with ongoing debriefing.

FocusFlite™ AS

Digital Moving Map System

FocusFlite™ AS (Air Segment) is a Digital Moving Map System which is used during mission execution to enhance pilots’ situation awareness on airborne platforms with rich capability set, improved HMI, dynamic content management and simplified user interfaces.

General Capabilities

2D Map and 3D Synthetic Vision,
North up, head up, and track up map orientation modes,
ARINC 424 and DAFIF support (Airports, Airways, NavAIDs, SUAS, FIR/UIR, NOTAMS),
Map overlays (ACMAP/IAP/ADC charts, POI, Flight History, HUD, etc.),
Raster map underlays (relief, sun shaded, scanned digital maps, satellite photos up 2 meters) and elevation data (DTED0, 1, 2),
Navigational DB (ARINC 424, DAFIF) and POI search, map slide and rotation,
Multi-language, UTM, MGRS and geographic coordinates, 50+ datum, true/magnetic North representations, data import/export,
MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Ethernet interface support,
COTS processors and GPU support.
Tactical Capabilities

Obstacles, intelligence photos, threats, tactical drawings and approaches, military symbology, emergency check lists, VMF (CAS, MAYDAY),
Weapon coverage and sensor display,
Flight plan and pattern (e.g. PI, Hold, Ladder, etc.) display, flight messages, personnel locator systems (PLS),
On-air flight planning,
Obstacle, Terrain, Border and NOTAM warnings,
VCS, HAT, LOS, Threat and TSU (FLIR) analyzes.
Compliant Standards

DO-178B, DO-257A, MIL-STD-6017A, ARINC 424, MIL-STD-2525B, MT76-1A

FocusFlite™ AS High Performance (HP) to address high demanding digital map requirements ,
FocusFlite™ AS Safety Critical (SC) to address critical avionic system requirements,
FocusFlite™ Mobile to address portable digital map requirements.
Data Interfaces and Hardware Specification:

MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429, Ethernet, RS232,
Supports COTS processors and graphic processing units,
Open GL SC and GL 3.x support.

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