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Intake Pit Filter - Aquatic Feed

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It’s used keep the dust emissions under control while offloading materials from trucks at intake units. Filters which are lined alongside the intake hole suck the air through the linen with the help of a fan. Dust is contained in the filter linen. After the aspiration is done, filter linen is treated periodically with pressurized air by blasting valves. So, the filter linen is cleaned and the emissions don’t go wasted.

We attach utmost importance to human health and the environment.


Modular design. Can be used in multiples for holes in different sizes.
Dust suction exhaust fan.
Pouch to contain dust
Air suction fan
Clearing the pouch periodically with air stored in a pressurized tube and blasting valves.
Easy filter maintanence and changing.
Human health and environment conscious.
Prevents wasting of economically valuable materials

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