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Vertical Wind Tunnel

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Vertical Wind Tunnel (VWT) is designed and manufactured to respond to the needs of Turkish Special Forces. STM has the capability to design and manufacture vertical wind tunnels in various configurations based on the customer requirements.

Technical specifications of VWT

Flying area diameter 4 meters
Flying height 8 meters
Minimum air speed ~45 m/sec
Maximum air speed ~70 m/sec
Power ~2000 BHP

The system is a closed circuit tunnel mechanism.
The air flow is ensured via 4 ea. axial blowers with fixed-pitch carbon composite impellers.
The blowers are rotated by 4 ea. alternating current motors of about 450 kW power each.
Air speed in the tunnel is adjustable through control of the rpm of blower motors by frequency converters.
An operator to attend the control room is able to alter the air speed by using a single control lever, based on the number and weight of individuals to fly.
Flight of the paratroopers in the tunnel is recorded by cameras and the playback feature is offered at any time so that the trainees will be shown their mistakes.
Number of paratroopers inside / Weight of paratroopers (kg) / Power consumption (kW)

1 50 ~500
1 100 ~700
1 160 ~1250
4 130 ~1400

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