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Hydraulic Press Brake

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The machine body is manufactured with very precise tolerances with high-tech components in large welded stress relief. All stress points are designed with large radius and eliminated stress concentrations and possible weld cracks.
Inertia of lower and upper tray is designed with optimal value for minimum deflection.
Upper table spaced vertical, roller bearings, piston seals, bearings and has been designed to be able to compensate for vertical loads.
Hydraulic cylinders were honed in the 2 micron surface finish and have been designed as double-sided. Thus, it was created for a minimum abrasion resistance on seals. The cylindrical body is manufactured in forged from SAE 1040 material.
The hydraulic cylinders are connected to the front of the foot with the bolt and wedge and is provided with bedding and excellent level load balancing.
Pistons head features: Omegat kind of seals, large bronze bearings are equipped with semi-angled bearing band.
Pistons; precision grinded and hard chrome plated. The purpose; It passes through the piston seals for low friction and wear resistance.
Adjustable worktop rails is produced according to very low friction resistance. These rails are designed for guidance of the movement of top of the table from right to left and front to back.
Hilalsan hydraulic system allows precision at all levels of pressure to the maximum as well as cylinder positioning precision, synchronization and repeatability performed.
Back gauge system is manufactured according to environmental conditions. Back gauge with double beds are made for heavy-duty carrier. The wiper used against accumulate dust and other particles in linear guide ways by adverse environmental conditions.
Outer surface of the machine's painted with two coats of paint with min. 60 micron thickness as protective. Paint drying processed gradually over time in oven in different temperature ranges.
Machines have produced with 3 axis as Yl, Y2, X as standard configuration.

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