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Power Source - Electrophoresis Equipment and Reagents

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NANObiz agarose gel electrophoresis equipments and accessories provide your lab with a complete and economical solution with a power supply, acrylic tank, gel tray, gel comb and running buffer.

Power Supply
OBITEK’s gel electrophoresis power supply is a low cost yet powerful alternative to expensive electrophoresis power supplies. You can simultaneously run two gels in parallels with a choice of 4 voltage settings (25V, 50V, 75V, 100V).

Product Name: NANObiz Electrophoresis Power Supply Product code: obitek-mini-power100
You can simultaneously run two tanks
Cost-effective solution for your research and educational applications
Input: 230-240V AC
Output: 25-50-75-100V DC
Max: 200 mA current
1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
Related accessories: gel electrophoresis tank, gel comb, running buffers, NANOzym Taq polymerase