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Raw Material Intake Bunker And The Springs - Rendering Plant

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Wastes like internal organs, offal, carcasses, bone etc. which will be processd in the rendering facility are gathered in this bunker first. Depending on the content or the facility’s capacity, the bunker can be designed for special needs. Springs can be single, double or triple depending on the content.

Springs are in 400 mm diameter. Propulsion is done by planetary reductors. Mounts/Bearings are separated from the body. Compressive gasket is used. Springs are made of either stainless or galvanized sheet metal.

Depending on the content, spring’s body’s material intake part can be designed with a filter attached. Filter’s purpose is to dehydrate the material and decrease the energy consumption at the cooking stage.


Depending on the facility’s conditions, it can be built in different sizes.
Can be made of either stainless or galvanized sheet metal.
Planetary reductors are used.
Both the bunker and the body are designed with un-screwable parts. Thus, the dis-assembly is quick and painless.

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