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Chimney Wet Filter System

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This system is used to keep the emission of exhaust gas of solid fuel fired boilers in between legal limits.

The main purpose of the system is to seperate harmful and dangerous gasses from the exhaust gas by dissolving them in the water contacting the exhaust gas in suitable conditions.

Filter body is manufactured from stainless steel .

Tray type and specially produced rushing ring material increases the water contact area and period.

Water pulverization system operates without any blockage problem by the help of special design nozzles.

In special cases fast dissolving of different substances in water is obtained by addition of chemincals to the filter water.

Water reserve system is equipped with circulation pump and filtration as well as a temperature security control system.

Manufacturing and design of the filter system is procceded according to the boiler and fuel properties.

Exhaust gas filter systems are applied successfully to coal, biomass or other solid waste fired boilers as well as systems using high level conteminent fuel like car tyre residues