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Laser Cutting System

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First Article Inspection –Integrating laser inspection on your shop floor translates into more ‘green-light’ time for your production equipment. Baykal EYE inspects flat and formed parts on the spot, completing scans in just seconds and comparing every measurement to CAD specifications.

Accuracy Dashboard – Baykal EYE makes first part inspection fast and easy with no special training required. Laser inspection scans produce a color-coded visual display that illustrates the CAD drawing image and design tolerances along with the scanned part. Any off-spec variance is immediately apparent, even to the untrained eye. For oversized parts, Baykal EYE automatically merges multiple scans to create a single image and saves the measurement coordinates in vector format.

2D Reverse Engineering – is a built-in feature with every Baykal EYE system. The scanning process captures the complete profile of existing parts or templates at laser speed and stores the data in CAD-compatible files. The software allows you to manipulate the scan data and part profile on screen to optimize the quality of the CAD model. Baykal EYE eliminates costly hand measurement and CAD programming. Simply export the Baykal EYE generated CAD file for post processing or add it to your CAD library.

SPC and Quality Reporting – Inspection data from the Baykal EYE is saved in industry-standard CAD files. From these files, the system generates reports to your exact specifications. The system automatically creates detailed, color-coded inspection records and data files of the scanned part, including CAD data variances. Automatically create documentation and traceability to meet requirements for ISO, TQM, Six Sigma, Lean and QS reporting. Easily export data files into common Windows®- based programs.

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