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RECOMPOUND SYN SERIES Industrial Lubricants Gear Oils

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RECOMPOUND SYN Series are wax-free poly alpha olefin (PAO) based synthetic gear oils which have been formulated with superior additive technology. They have excellent oxidation and thermal properties and low temperature fluidity. They show excellent performance under extreme loads and high operating temperatures. They have unique EP properties, thus they are resistant to shock loadings.


They are used to lubricate the gears and bearings, working in the high loads and high temperatures.

They are especially recommended to be used for gear systems in mine, chemical, metal, and paper industries, conveyors, mixers, dryers, drawing machines, fans, presses, pulp preparers, pumps, maritime industry and the other applications.

RECOMPOUND SYN Series are compatible with mineral based oils, but their performance may decrease if they mix with other lubricants. That's why the system should be cleaned very well before installing these products in order to get the maximum performance.

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