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Water Cooled Vibrating Grate

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WCVG system is one of the newest technology for combustion of various solid fuels. With its water cooled grate area, higher furnace temperatures canbe obtained without damaging the system. System brings flexibility for using various kinds of solid fueland biomass.

Also WCVG provides low maintenance costs and longer periodical service intervals due to its decreased mechanical hardware compared with similar systems.

The vibrating grate system has been developed by AKKAYA Inc. for high efficiency and reliable operation.

The system can be used with YSB, HYB, YHYB model steam boilers and YS, YHYBWB model hot water boilers. The size of the system can be selected and produced according to the boiler model and capacity.

Minimum 5 mm, maximum 50 mm sized solid fuel with a maximum 20-55% humidity (depending on the fuel structure) and low ash formation is recommended to be used in WCVG systems. Fuel is transferred from bunker on to the grate with the help of auger system, pneumatic conveying or hydraulic push pull systems.

Hydraulic system can only be used with bigger dimensioned fuels with very low friction forces. (mainly dry wood parts or dry coal parts). For the smaller fuels auger system is preferred. Pneumatic conveying system can be used for low density fuels (e.g. sunflower husk). System works with an air fan, injector system and an air lock.