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Smoothair Series 5 / 20kw - Precision Air Conditioner A Solution For Small / Medium Size Data Center

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• Green and Energy-Saving
• High EER: Dictated matching of refrigeration system to ensure high energy efficiency ratio. High Sensible Heat Ratio: Designed with large air volume and small enthalpy difference to ensure the high sensible heat ratio. Green Refrigerant: R410a
• High Reliability
• Choosing the high efficient and high reliability scroll compressor and backward centrifugal fan to guarantee the long life and high EER of the units. Using the industry recognized brand of high quality components to ensure the high reliability. All products went through rigorous testing
• Designed to Operate 7x24
• • Makelsan Precision air conditioners are designed to operate for 365day*24hours non-stop in high efficiency and reliable status.
• • The unit is designed to work under extreme weather condition, temperature down to -40°C when configured with the Low Temperature Kit.
• • Step less speed regulating outdoor fan system. Unit adaptable to all different outdoor condition.
• • Thermal expansion valve ensures, which ensures system be quick response to the changing working condition.
• Applications
• Small and medium-sized computer room Equipment
• room, Powerhouse Outdoor electronic house and
• communication equipment room Laboratory, testing
• room, storage room Computer room of commercial
• building.
• Intelligent Controller
• • Precise microcomputer control system, large-screen display, with multi-level password protection and experts fault diagnosis function.
• • Equipped with the standard RS485 communication interface and supported the remote monitoring. Wide input voltage design, with lack phase protection and self-recovery after power resume. It can achieve the phase switching automatically to ensure the uninterrupted working.
• • It can flexibly switch from the main unit to the backup unit automatically to achieve the automatic switch and rotation.
• Flexible Application
• • Makelsan Precision air conditioners have flexible configuration options for different project and meet the different needs of users.
• • Flexible installation: quick connectors. Factory supplied with the connecting copper pipes, refrigerant and mounting brackets of outdoor unit.(ST005\ST007\ST012)
• • Avariety of air supply modes: upflow, downflow, front-flow and underflow.
• • A variety of refrigeration types: air-cooled, water-cooled, chilled water and glycol-cooled and dual cooling system
• • Rich options: EC fan, electronic expansion valve, high efficiency filter and special humidifier
• • Customized solutions: High or low temperature environmental solutions, low noise solutions, high altitude solutions, large air volume or high ESP
• solutions, long pipe connecting or high drop solutions.
• • Small footprint, 100% front maintenance.

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