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Mold Production | Tooling Resins

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Tooling resins are specially designed for polyester mold production.
These resins provide unique advantages for mold applications, such as low total volumetric shrinkage, easy wetting of fiber glass, thixotropic structure (non dripping from vertical surfaces) and also high mechanical resistance to which molds are often exposed.
For other molds that are subjected to heat, our heat and chemical resistant resin Polipol™ 391 is recommended.
Polipol 321 is a zero shrink, thixotropic, pre-accelerated unsaturated polyester resin which includes filler and designed for fast mold production. Polipol 321 eleminates the fiber print through below gelcoat and gives shiny mirror like molds.
Polipol 321 has a special accelerator combination which gives rapid barkol development and fast cure. No shrinkage and perfect dimensional stability of molds is possible with Polipol 321.

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