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iShear B Series - Heavy Duty Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears

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Special Design MVD swing beam shears provide
up to 25 cutting stroke per minute .
▶ When cutting thin sheets, up to 50% faster cutting
and efficiency gains achieved with high speed,
▶ precise cutting is provided for thick materials
with slow speed working mode .
▶ Manufactured in sizes 3 meters to 6 meters
and capacities 6mm to 20mm .
▶ Provides high cutting quality with low cutting
angle design machine concepts
▶ Construction feature has a fixed angle of cut
▶ Machine can produce with automatically blade gap and stroke
adjustment by CNC controller according to customer’s request
▶ Machine body and upper beam’s made of steel
constructions, has been designed according minimum
stretch and optimum resistance criteria
▶ Body, as the manufacture of precise CNC machining center
for provide maximum cutting quality and accuracy.
▶ Body, as the manufacture of precise CNC
machining center is a single operation
▶ Designed Heavy –Duty rigit body concept
in order to prevent deflections.
▶ Back gauge range (stroke ) 1000 mm .
▶ Back gauge accuracy performed with linear
ball shaft, without backlash guide
▶ Programmable back gauge has 0,1 mm
positioning tolerance and retract features .
▶ Automatic swing –up feature of backgauge after
1000mm to feed longer sheets easily

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