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Dermokil Young Men Yellow Clay Skin Mask

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Prepared in accordance with the skins of young men. The special formula of yellow clay has been specially developed for blackheads and acne due to adolescence. Pomegranate extract and salicylic acid present in its formula allows the skin to breathe by removing dead skin.

Usage: The mask should be applied to the clean face after shower as a layer. The eyes must be protected from this application. The mask which dries about 10 minutes after the application should be washed with warm water to clean the face. This application should be repeated 2 or 3 times per week. We recommend using the proper tonic and then the moisturizer following the mask, for a complete skin care.

Caution: A temporary redness may occur after rinsing the mask; this is a natural effect. The period of mask wearing can be cut down if it is over disturbing. Following the application, we recommend to wash off the mask if there is extreme itching or stinging. In case the mask contacts the eye, flush your face.


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