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Button Type Polyester Resins - A Grade

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TP400 Code

TP400 is non-thixotropic, non-accelerated, low reactive, medium viscosity, orthophthalic based unsaturated polyester resin for button applications. TP400 has an excellent clear colour and transparency. TP400 is suitable specifically for transparent buttons. Excellent clarity and transparancy allows to colourless buttons to be made as well as clean colours. The common trait of our button type resins are their perfect transparency. TP400 is suitable for centrifugal casting processes.


TP400C:TP400C is thixotropic and high viscosity version of TP400. It is suitable for rod buttons applications.


Button Type polyester resins are supplied in 18 kg pails, 230 kg barrels and 1100 kgs IBC containers.

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