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Hygenizer - Poultry, Livestock Feed

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Hygenizer was designed according to “first in first out” principle. It is used before the pelleting for disarming unwelcome microorganisms inside the pellet feed that is prepared. It ensures a maximum pellet quality and increases lifetime of the dies and the rollers. The body is manufactured from stainless steel. Furthermore, the body is wrapped with long-life heating cables to protect the product temperature (80-90°C) longer. Homogenous heat distribution across the body ensures efficient hygenization. The product is heat processed for long duration (150 - 240 seconds).


Efficient protection against Salmonella
First in first out process
Self clearing body structure
Advanced pellet quality
Low energy consumption
Excellent heat processing
Increase in lifetime of the dies and the rolls
Rockwool insulated outer body
Entirely stainless steel body
A wide range of capacities
Maximum flexibility and versatility
Modular design
Spare parts support and customer service
Quality and proven performance
Easy to operate and compact design
Low investment, operation and maintenance costs
Thermal jacket that consists long life electric cables

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