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Filament Winding GRP Pipe type Polyester Resin

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TP1802 Code

TP1802 is a non-thixotropic, non-accelerated , medium reactive, low viscosity unsaturated polyester resin for filament winding applications.

TP1802 has high mechanical and chemical properties and it is compatible with roving glass . It is developed specially for large diameter FRP/GRP pipes.


TP1802-TICO: It is a thixotropic, pre-accelerated laminating version of TP1802 for GRP fitting applications. TP1802-TICO has special additives which prevents separation and increases thixotropic behavior. It is suitable for hand lay-up and spray-up processes.


Polyester Resins For GRP Pipes are supplied in 230 kg barrels, 1100kg intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and 25. 000 kg tank Containers.

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