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Hydraulic Winch

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KD 105000 Code

Chasis, all welded torsion resistant box-type construction in high strength steel

Hydraulically extended extra-large outrigger booms with safety lock valves

Hexagonal booms in high strength steel

Crane parts are designed in high strength with a CAD & CAE system

Hard – chromium plated piston rods and double acting hydraulic cylin- ders

Pressure safety valves, over-center valves, lock valves and control valves for safety

Externally adjustable slide pads for shifting of the booms

Independent cylinders with sequence and over-center valves

Rotation system with slewing rings or rack gear

Bronze bearings and grinded & heat treated pins

Oil tank with suction lters and return line lters

High temperature and high pressure resistant Polyurethane (PU) sealing elements

Extra extended mechanical booms

Company quality system certi ed to CE, TSE EN 12999 and ISO 9001

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