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Heat Recovery Boiler

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Heat Recovery boilers are designed and manufactured according to the heat source and consumer type. Akkaya Inc. is capable of making the heat recovery boiler designs with the help of computer simulation (CFD). In this way maximum efficiency can be obtained with flawless operation.

Steam and hot water heat recovery boilers can be manufactued as fire tube or water tube type with horizontal or vertical layout.

In the applications where the velocity of the heated medium must be over some value such as THERMAL OIL HEATING applications, Akkaya Inc. can provide special design casette type helisoidal heat transfer tube bundles as heat recovery units. These type of heaters have the advantage of easy cleaning and simple repair / partial replacement of the units. Especially for the biomass or coal fired exhaust applications this design has many benefits.

For the dirty hot gases (like the gases coming out of biomass gasifiers), wet type cooled cyclones can be added to the system before the main heat recovery units. By this way the tube bundles can be kept cleaner.

Beside the land industries , MARINE - SHIP BUILDING industries requirements are also covered by AKKAYA INc. Ship main engine exhaust boilers are manufatured by Akkaya. Thermal oil, steam or hot water exhaust boilers are manufactured and applied to the ships with the support of experienced partner companies. All the design, manufactuirng and applications are carried out with the full compliance with the international MARINE CLASS rules.