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Biofarm Liquid Organic Fertilizer

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Our organic liquid fertilizers are produced with fermentation and hydrolisation methods of the natural raw material sources.

Water- soluble nutrient elements, liquid fertilizers which are pollulate with humic, fulvic and amino acids are considerably effective for the healthy development of plants by providing continuous improvement toward land qualities and plant roots. Depending upon fertilization program, maximum effect from fertilizers is provided by increasing the effectiveness of them. Thus, increases in efficiency and profitability are going to be seen in the agricultural production process.

Our liquid fertilizers are concentratedly being presented with cost- cutting ways for the producers. As it is compared with similar products; usage of low- dose fertilizer is going to be possible via this quality and it can securely be used because of the fact that it doesn’ t occlude watering and spraying equipment.


They can be mixed by all kinds of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


5-10-20 kg. plastic containers