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iPunch Cnc Turret Punch Press

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MVD Inan Turret Punch, presses are produced as a closed type rigid steel constructions
in to a robust structure to allow minimum deflection during operation.
▶ Operating System is CNC and hydraulic. ▶ MVD Turret Punch 4 axes controlling; X, Y axes for movement of sheet, T axes:
Turret rotation, C axis: Auto-index station rotation for indexing tools.
▶ 32 station Turret as to allow punching complicated, multi and
different size holes parts in a single operation.
▶ Auto –index stations can punch to required angle for various angle shape parts with CNC controller. ▶ Precision forming and roller tools can be use on the Turret, therefore HTP Turret punch provides ▶ Complete solutions with effective costs.

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