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iShear A Series Mechanical Guillotine Shear

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▶ Welded one piece steel frame using rigid structural steel
▶ Rigid welded monoblock frame provide
Maximum cutting accuracy,
▶ Digital NC control unit
▶ Automatic, Digital controlled motorized
back gauge 750mm range (stroke)
▶ Schneider-Telemechanique electrical components,
with ventilations electrical cabinet
▶ 4 Cutting edges blade produced from high alloy steel
▶ Mechanical sheet hold down system holds the
sheet in place during the cutting process.
▶ Simple and Easy operable Blade Gap adjustment system
▶ Roller bearings on the table to help
feeding sheets to the machine easily
▶ Front Support Arms with scale
▶ Foot pedal stand and control unit for
Single or Multi cutting operations
▶ Rear light beams with CE conformity
▶ Emergency stop button
▶ Back side protections cover
▶ Shadow, illuminations cutting line
▶ Complete electrical switch board and control
panel for 400V AC 3 Phase 50Hz

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