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RTM Type Polyester Resin

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TP260 Code

TP260 is non-thixotropic, non-accelerated, medium reactive, low viscosity, orthophthalic based unsaturated polyester resin for RTM applications. TP260 has good mechanical properties and impact resistance. TP260 allows addition of up to 35%-40% of filler without adverse effect on flow properties. It is designed for use in Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), RTM Light processes and may be used in other resin injection or vacuum assisted techniques.


TP260-Co: It is accelerated.

TP260-LSE: It has low styrene content and reduced styrene emisions.


RTM Type polyester resins are supplied in 18 kg pails, 230 kg barrels and 1100 kg IBC containers.

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