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Cyber Fusion Center

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The Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) consists of proactive and preventive actions which protects critical technology and data assets. It orchestrates and coordinates the security functions and information flow from threat intelligence, through security and IT operations. Thus, it increases operational effectiveness, improves security readiness by preventing or neutralizing attacks through the timely delivery of tactical cyber threat intelligence with relevant indicators of compromise.

CFC comprises of three main components:

Cyber Operations Center (COC)
COC is the center which controls known vulnerability data bases, evaluates the fields where the vulnerabilities are exploited, controls the existence of vulnerabilities in the systems, and takes the necessary actions.

Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC)
CIC is the center which generates cyber threat intelligence by evaluating cyber environment events, anticipates the threats before the cyber events occur, integrates cyber threat intelligence with information security technologies and presents usable information to decision makers.

Malware Analysis Laboratory
This laboratory in which the static and dynamic malware analysis of the different operating systems and mobile platforms are performed on virtual or physical platforms.

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