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Aerotab - Electronic Flight Bag (Efb) - Paperless Integration Of Cockpit And Occ

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Portable Type B Electronic Flight Bag solution
User friendly, standardized application for all aircraft types
Elimination of paper printing, handling and storage costs
Efficient usage in all phases of flight
Easy to use, intuitive interface for pilots
Multipoint touchscreen compatible design
Digital Map

Digital Moving Map with dynamic ownship position
Display Flight Plan & Waypoints on digital map
Detailed flight data display on map
Flight planning management on map
Flexible Integration to Corporate Operation Management Systems

Intelligent operational flight plan processing & EFB data packaging
Easy user management
Airline structure based document management
SOA based corporate system integration
Flight Data Management

Online & Offline data retrieval
Advanced PDF viewer
Display Aeronautical Charts
Dynamic chart split infrastructure
Enhanced search and filtering capabilities
Performance Calculations
Performance calculations integrated with Airline processes;

Weight & Balance calculation with optimized load distribution
Take-off and landing performance calculation & related database
Aircraft Avionics Integration

Integration to aircraft Flight Management System over ARINC 429 data bus
Read & Display Position, Fuel & Time information from aircraft FMS
Automatic update of flight plan with dynamic FMS data
Pre and Post-Flight Process Assistance to Pilots on EFB

e-Sign Operational Flight Plan
Dynamic e-Log generation (by Ground Station form builder)
Flight and maintenance logbook integrated with technical logbook
Post flight data packaging and archiving

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