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Terraflite - Terrain Aided Autonomous Navigation

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TerraFlite™ is a terrain aided autonomous navigation solution for airborne platforms in GPS absent or denied environments. It measures ground terrain features through a Radar Altimeter and correlates those features with stored Digital Terrain Elevation Data and Barometric Altimeter to provide more precise aircraft position equal to or better than GPS.


Reduced target horizontal and vertical error with increased platform position accuracy,
Increased situational awareness through high correlation among real world and position ased image generation,
More precise passive obstacle warnings,
Jam Resistant,
GPS Independent,
Low Cost
High resolution DTED Level-2 terrain elevation data,
Arrive on target in GPS absent/denied environments,
Can be used with digital moving map, obstacle & terrain warning and auto piloting systems,
Easy integration with airborne systems,
Fully integrated with FocusFlite™ AS solutions

Support COTS processors,
Support Windows and Unix-based operating systems,
Certifiable to DO-178B Level-C,
Support MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC-429, Ethernet, RS232 interfaces.

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