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Shredder - Rendering Plant

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Yemmak Shredders are designed specifically for the rendering process and they can prepare animals’ bones, offal, skeletons and the internal organs for the other stages of the process by effectively and homogenously shredding them.

Yemmak Shredders, even in prolonged operating times, need maintanence and cleaning very rarely, thus ensuring the customer satisfaction.

Yemmak Shredders’ compact and sturdy rotor rests on dual line of barrels with free-moving reels.

Exchangeable shredding grills are installed in couple to achieve a more homogenous shredding experience. Also if these shredding grills get deformed in prolonged hours of working, spare parts aren’t needed, as their direction can be reversed. Thus, the grills have four times the longevity.


Welded type, compact rotor
Shredding blades with specifically enhardened surfaces
Two exchangeable shredding grills with reversible blades can be used four way
Easy and safe assembly and maintanence

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