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Anti Bacterial Option for Gelcoats

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Polijel Anti bacterial option is the latest edition to Polijel gelcoat series. This high-tech option for Polijel incorporates antimicrobial metal ions, making the surface exceptionally hygienic, sterile and low-maintenance. Anti bacterial option is available for Polijel 213 but can be customized for other gelcoat types also.
Anti bacterial option is specially designed for kitchen counter tops, hospitals, laboratories and industrial kitchens as well as industrial food processing plants where hygiene is the top priority.
The anti-microbial mechanism starts with the presence of moisture. The surface releases metal ions gradually, which has an ability to bond to the cellular enzymes of microbes. This inhibits the enzyme activity of the cell wall, membrane and nucleic acids so that microbes are destroyed.
The studies show Polijel with Anti bacterial kills 85% of the bacteria on the surface within 24 hour period.

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