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Sbk Model Scotch Type (Three Pass) Steam Boiler

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- For its efficiency and reliability these types of boilers are widely used in industry. The exhaust gases pass three times inside these boilers. The exit temperature of the exhaust gases are less than two pass types boilers. The heating surface area is big enough to reach efficient and safe operation.

- Net heat transfer area inofrmation of the boilers are given to the customers.

- Our boilers are CE certificated and constructed according to PED 97/23 EC directive.

- Our company has ISO9001-2008 quality management system certificate

- Certifacated tubes and steels are used.

- Boilers are insulated with min. 100 mm thick rockwool.

- Tubes are roller expanded and then welded to the mirror plates to prevent crackings.

- For high pressure types combustion chambers are manufactured as corrugated type to provide higher strength and to overcome thermal expansion problems.

- Upon request our boilers are supplied fully assembled with armatures and necessary equipments including deaorator, economisor and recuparator.