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Tank Electrophoresis Equipment and Reagents

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NANObiz agarose gel electrophoresis equipments and accessories provide your lab with a complete and economical solution with a power supply, acrylic tank, gel tray, gel comb and running buffer.


NANObiz’s acrylic gel electrophoresis tank is suitable for all your standard horizontal DNA gel electrophoresis applications.

Product Name: NANObiz DNA Gel Electrophoresis Tank
Product code: Mini Elektroforez DE-101

Leak-proof polycarbonate body
Corrosion- and rust-free gold covered plugs
High-current and temperature resistant Teflon cables
Platinum electrodes (99.99%)
One-way lid to prevent accidental reverse runs
7 cm x 7.5 cm gel tray
Made in Turkey
1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

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