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Dar - Through The Wall Radar

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DAR (Through-The-Wall Radar) is a system developed by STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. that uses Radio Frequency (RF) signals to detect the presence and location of people in a closed space in case of no possibility of access. DAR can be used in many cases that the detection of people in a building is so critical, such as hostage rescue operations.

With DAR system, working behind the wall, security units can detect human presence or moving targets in a room or building without entering the room or building.

Key features:

High range resolution
High penetration performance through obstacles
Motion sensitivity
Low power consumption and built-in battery
Portable and operable by single person
Hand-holded or fixed on tripod
2D moving target location estimation in range and azimuth
Remote access and control
DAR Key features

Technology; Ultra Wide Band (UWB)
Penetrable Wall and Material Types: Brick, plaster, wood, plastic, drywall, concrete, etc.
Detection Capability: Moving or stationary human action
Operation Time With Battery: 1.5 hour
Dimensions: 50 x 40 x 17 cm
Weight: 7.5 kg
Maximum Detection Range: 5 meter (13.5 cm for brick wall)
Power Supply: Rechargeable batteries or external power supply

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