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In our machine park, with high precision, automation and in line with customer expectations, we machine various Alloy Steel (Carbon, Freecutting, Stainless), Aluminum, Brass and Cast Iron materials in a accurate way, controlled under technological measurement methods and deliver timely. Our machine types list:

Automatic Loading-Unloading Length Finishing&Centering Machines (max. Ø200, max. L 1200 mm),
Single and Double Spindle, Multi Axis CNC Lathes (max. Ø600 mm, max. L 1100 mm),
3, 4 & 5 Axis CNC Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers,
CNC Cylindrical and Centerless Grinding Machines (max. Ø150 mm, max. L 600 mm),
CNC Swiss Type Machines,
Transfer Machines (Custom made for parts and process for high volume production),
Knurling Machines

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