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Dermoki̇l / Ezel Cosmetic

Dermoki̇l / Ezel Cosmetic

Istanbul Turkey
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Ezel Kozmetik was founded when Unal Karaca, the businessman, saw that the cosmetic products were made up of the salt of the Dead Sea and decided to produce the clay products which have been used in Anatolia for centuries and throughout the world during the recent years and to promote its benefits as a cosmetics. The dermokil products (Dermoclay Products) appeared after testing on 2000 individuals and obtaining positive results and a two-year R&D study.

Its brand registration certificates and the reports approved by Cumhuriyet University, the raw materials and products having microbiological analysis report are inspected by technological devices in national and international standards. In every stage of the production, the physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of the products are rapidly and reliably conducted.

The factory of Ezel Kozmetik composed of the modern manufacturing plant established in Sivas in 2006 and an R&D team consisting of chemical engineers who are expert in their field aims to go ahead on the road to become a pioneer brand in the cosmetics sector through the high-tech machines and logistics services it provides.

The purity of the clay meet the modern cosmetic in dermokil (dermoclay). The dermokil products appeared after a two-year R&D study. It was tested on 2000 individuals and positive results were obtained. The physical, chemical and microbiological analysis are conducted with technological devices in accordance with the national and international standards in every stage. It has brand registration certificates and approved reports from Cumhuriyet University and microbiological analysis report.