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600x600 Single Wall Panel Case

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TORK-9 6060 Code

1: Single skin panels are used indoors and outdoors. It can be connected to wall, pole and floor. It can be used in 19 "applications with accessories.

2: For high strength, metal material is welded to form a solid body.

3: Full compatibility with the edge bends and the cover gasket.

4: Narrow side bends provide more space for internal assembly.

5: Provides high resistance against chemicals.

6: For high strength, the cover is reinforced with multi-folded bowls.

7: There is a single lock on the cover according to the size and the cover can be made suitable for opening in the opposite direction if desired.

8: Hinges made of Zamak material have high corrosion resistance.

9: There is a sealing gasket on the cover.

10: Cable entry at the bottom in different sizes according to the panel size

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